Wedding Catering

You dreamed of this and it is our job and our pleasure to make it better than you ever imagined!

Wedding Catering Services

Your food must be spectacular, the service must be gracious and transparent, the décor, just beautiful and the evening must be magical.

You and our wonderful staff at WWE will:

  • Develop a menu based on your likes, your preferences and your flavors.  We will work with our chefs to make that a reality.
  • Work out the seating, place settings, linens, and all rentals so that they are in your taste and wedding perfect.
  • Work out the floor plans, the flow of the evening and all the unique features that will make your wedding stand out and only yours.

We have incredible resources for music, flowers, the most delicious and beautiful wedding cake or unusual cake, lighting and all else.  Our resources become your resources should you wish.

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Corporate Event Catering

Your company is important and our job and our pleasure is to cater an event which reflects that.

Corporate Catering Services

Whether it is a cocktail party, a dinner or a combination, we will work with you to ensure the food expresses your flavors and wants, the décor reflects the message your company wishes to give and the service is gracious and transparent.

You and our expert staff at WWE will:

  • Develop menus based on your preferences and preferences of your guests. Tailor the décor to the exact feel you wish to convey for the event.
  • Work out floor plans and flows based on your venue and your needs.

After so many years in business, we can do anything.  Our chefs are high end and versed in all sorts of food from every region of the world.  We will prepare for you anything you wish in any style of service.

Our resources are endless, from music, to lighting, to flowers, to AV specialists to truly anything you wish.

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Non-Profit Catering

You have a mission and a cause.  Your Special Event must reflect that.

Non-Profit Catering ServicesWe are well aware that your philosophy is to give back to the community. We will work with you so your event is cost effective while still supplying the incredible cuisine and service that is the hallmark of our company.

For years we have worked with high profile non-profit organizations to cater everything from cocktail parties to fundraising dinners, from casino nights to day meetings, and anything else you may wish.

You and our incomparable staff at WWE will:

  • Prepare a custom menu based on your preferences, the message you wish to give and your vision of your event.
  • Design the look of the event.
  • Work out floor plans, flows.

World Wide Events always makes available to our clients many resources for music, lighting, flowers, AV equipment and all else needed.  Our philosophy is to make it easy for you and handle numerous extras without additional charges.

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Social Events

Social Event Catering

Whether it is an intimate dinner at home, a celebration, a cocktail reception, a barbeque, or more, we will ensure your custom menu is incredibly delicious, the service is phenomenal and all exceeds your highest expectations.

As with all our catering, we will develop menus based on your preferences, we will graciously serve according to your requests and we will help you as much as you would like. This is our pleasure and our total responsibility.

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