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About World Wide Events Ltd.

World Wide Events started out in little kitchens in Queens and since that time have moved to modern, stainless steel kitchens in Soho. And, since that time, a group of incredible chefs became part of the company, all trained in the most prestigious cooking schools, all with graduate training and all then training with World Wide Events. From their varied backgrounds, we are able to prepare virtually any kind of cuisine in any method of service.


Our mission is to provide our clients with unparalleled dining experiences, from cuisine, to service, to décor, to presentation, to joy.


World Wide Events prides itself in the quality of our ingredients, prime aged beef, fish that was literally swimming that morning, organic poultry and organic vegetables and fruits, bought from local purveyors as available. For each of our many events, we are custom caterers. All the ingredients begin arriving 2 days before at 4am. Our Executive Chef, Miha, prepares all the stocks, sauces and marinades. He then directs our Sous Chefs in the preparation of your food, just for you.


From large and small wedding, to corporate events, to fundraisers, to non-profit events to intimate dining occasions, we blend together all our talents to ensure your dreams are exceeded. This is our pleasure.

Owner, Dorrie Pariser

Dorrie Pariser

Dorrie is the proprietor and owner of the company. She graduated Vassar College in Mathematics and Economics and later, in 1997, branched out to develop this most successful and critically acclaimed catering company. Her love of cooking is legendary.

Dorrie will work you in every aspect of menu and evening design. Collaborating with her Executive Chef, she will ensure that the cuisine, the ambiance and the décor exceeds your wildest dreams. A Brazilian theme, you got it, a Moroccan theme, you got it, an incredible formal wedding with a six course tasting dinner, wonderful wines, luxurious service and all the amenities, it is our pleasure.

Her passion for food, catering and fine entertaining has been with Dorrie Pariser her entire life. For years, she did strategic planning on Wall Street where she would be entertaining her staff, her clients, her friends. Classically trained, a close college friend asked Dorrie to cater her wedding in 1996. By 1997, World Wide Events Ltd. was born.

Dorrie is easy to work with and a perfectionist in everything she does. The client is always first!>

Excellence is the word.

Executive Chef, World Wide Events Ltd.

Executive Chef, Miha

Miha is the Executive Chef of the World Wide Events kitchens, Miha is responsible for our incomparable cuisine.

In 1985, Miha graduated Central Europe’s most prestigious Culinary School in Culinary Art and Hospitality Management. From there, he managed his own restaurant in Slovania while guest chefing in Switzerland and Berlin.

In 1997, Miha moved to London where he was both Executive Chef for Primal Pleasures, whose clients included British Royal Society for Press and Freedom Forum and managed his own catering company.In 1999, Miha began catering in the United States and joined our company as Executive Chef in 2004.

Miha uses only the freshest ingredients and organic as available. His classical training gives him the foundation to create every style of food to perfection and with a unique and artful presentation.


World Wide Events ChefsWorld Wide Events now employs 6 chefs in our kitchens with many more working on a per diem basis. From the varied background of these chefs, we are able to produce the most incredible cuisine from every part of the world.

As we plan your menus, our chefs may join that process, so that you may have selections you have never dreamed of and tastes of every region there is.

Ask for anything, and it is yours, better than you have ever tasted.


World Wide Events CaterersOur waiters are all on World Wide Events payroll and are matched perfectly to the kind of event. We are known for virtually carrying people around the room!

The waiters are expert, smile all the time, anticipate guests needs and are most gracious. World Wide Events is an equal opportunity employer.


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